About the association

All-Ukrainian public movement “Free Nation” is a platform that unites civil non-governmental organizations on the principle of freedom. We aim for qualitative change in our country by building an effective dialogue between public sector actors with absolute tolerance for religion, race, gender or political preferences.

We require:

  • Ensuring a fair rules for the whole business: from the smallest to the largest;
  • Implement the policy of “Equality of all before the law” (business, citizens, officials);
  • Protect and respect private property in Ukraine;
  • Ensure state protection of internal and external investors;
  • Introduce low and clear taxes for all;
  • Create conditions for the formation of the stock market in Ukraine;
  • Provide protection against re-privatization;
  • Implement a zero declaration and return of offshore assets for a certain percentage;
  • Carry out transparent privatization of national enterprises (for example, in Poland in 1989 there were more than 3,600 national enterprises, and today their number does not exceed 80 enterprises);
  • Introduce a tax-free transfer of inheritance of movable and immovable property;
  • Reduce the regulatory burden on business (certificates, permits, etc.).

All-Ukrainian public movement “Free Nation”— for all that are free!

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