Our values

The all-Ukrainian public movement “Free Nation” is a platform that unites civil non-governmental organizations on the principle of freedom. We aim for qualitative change in our country by building an effective dialogue between public sector actors with absolute tolerance for religion, race, gender or political preferences.

Our values:

  1. Attitude towards freedom: political, civil, personal, and economic freedom as a single whole. A person is free in everything, but your freedom does not impede the freedom of others. Goal – to make Ukraine in the list of the top 20 countries worldwide for this criterion.
  2. State: small state. Functions are strictly limited: restrictions on inflation, national debt, budget deficit, and size of state assets. Prohibition for the state to engage in commercial activity. The majority of state spending should be at the local level, i.e., decentralization.
  3. Size of the state (total expenditure of all state bodies): max. 25% of GDP (during the war, of course, higher).
  4. Taxes: emphasis on consumption taxes (retail turnover of goods and services). No VAT, corporate tax, or payroll tax. Tax rates are flat. The taxation regime is universal (no exemptions).
  5. Property: private. State ownership should not exceed 10-15% of all resources and assets (land, infrastructure, resources of the Armed Forces, etc.). Private property is more efficient and moral.
  6. Privatization: small – in favor of local, small-scale businesses. Medium – in favor of national business. Large (sale of large enterprises) – a strategic investor (over 50%), sale of shares on the domestic market, as well as providing a certain share of assets to the country’s military defenders.
  7. Weapons: development of a full-fledged weapons market, the right of every citizen to own a weapon.
  8. Money: free competition of currencies (hryvnia, dollar, euro, franc, pound, zloty, etc.) in the domestic market. Legalization of electronic payment instruments, the right to issue private money based on the gold standard. The government’s share in the banking and financial markets is zero.
  9. Finance: free competition over the market of financial intermediaries, free entry for foreign organizations.
  10. Prices: free. Prohibition of establishing minimum or maximum prices for all factors of production, consumer goods, and services. An exception is made for natural monopolies, with the separation of monopolistic elements and adherence to the rule of equal competition.
  11. Labor market: based on voluntary, individual contracts. The Labor Code is not necessary.
  12. Mode of operation of government agencies: complete transparency, accountability, audit, absence of conflict of interest, restriction of terms of office. Prohibition of nationalization of private debts, creation of special conditions for access to finances, and provision of immunity from bankruptcy. Prohibition of the allocation of “growth points” and endowment of them with special tax, regulatory, customs, and financial regimes.
  13. Competition regime: equal working conditions in the domestic market, open competition from foreign producers, competition of standards, certificates, and regulatory regimes.
  14. Education: open competition of educational service providers at all levels. Implementation of the “money follows the student” principle. Autonomy of schools in choosing the characteristics of the educational process. Competition of standards.
  15. Healthcare: open competition of medical service providers. Personalized medical savings accounts (contributions from both individuals and the state). Preservation of state funding for the basic level of the healthcare system (life and health safety, combating epidemics and pandemics).
  16. Pensions: voluntary transition to personal pension savings accounts. Every Ukrainian who reaches a certain age (62-65) receives an unconditional pension income equivalent to ~$150.
  17. Information: prohibition of censorship, freedom of speech and expression, but measures are taken to counter the information warfare of external enemies.
  18. Poverty: targeted state support for people in need based on clear criteria.
  19. International policy: membership, and integration into unions/organizations that enhance the quality of defence against external enemies, and ensure freedom of movement of money, goods, services, and labor.
  20. Culture and privacy: the only state language is Ukrainian. Open competition of cultures, non-interference of the state in the personal and family life of citizens.
  21. Rule of law: introduction of English law institutions, development of private arbitration, implementation of the principle “no crime without a victim.”
  22. Decentralization: a larger portion of money stays in the community, spent at the discretion of the community, for local innovative and cultural projects. The community makes all important decisions about their own lives and livelihoods.
  23. Fighting corruption: corruption, especially during wartime, should be equated with treason and punished with the maximum penalty.

All-Ukrainian public movement “Free Nation”— for all that is free!

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