An open dialog on the wartime economy

The state, problems, challenges, and prospects of the wartime economy were discussed in an open dialog. The more than 2-hour discussion included many aspects, arguments from the field of economic science to philosophy were voiced.

Themes of the event

1. Economic freedoms
2. Protection and respect for private property
3. Equal rules of the game on the market
4. Equality before the law
5. Transparent privatization of 3600 state-owned enterprises
6. The size of the state
7. Improving the living standards of every Ukrainian.

Participants of the event

  • Darwish Abdulwahab Member of the Board of the “Free Nation”, Chairman of the “Alliance of Nations”, representative of the Kurdish community in Ukraine, former Secretary of the Interparliamentary Group of the Middle East

  • Taras Troiak Successful businessman, head of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Drone Owners, volunteer, public figure

  • Vyacheslav Pavlov Successful businessman, head of the public movement “For a Free Economy”

  • Yaroslav Romanchuk President of the Institute of Freedom, member of the global network of think tanks, co-organizer of the future business club “Free”, author of 12 books and more than 6000 articles on economics, author of the economic development program “Ukraine-New West”