Economic results of the year

On December 21, 2022, the economic results of the year were summarized at the Hyatt Regency hotel complex. There were 17 nominations for the best and worst government agency, trend of the year, event of the year, absurdity of the year, and main beneficiary/victim of the year. There were 3 candidates in each nomination, and each participant had the opportunity to express their point of view.

Participants of the event

  • Darwish Abdulwahab Member of the Board of the Verkhovna Rada, Head of the Alliance of Peoples NGO, representative of the Kurdish community in Ukraine, former Secretary of the Interparliamentary Group on the Middle East

  • Taras Troiak successful businessman, head of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Drone Owners, volunteer, public figure

  • Vyacheslav Pavlov successful businessman, head of the public movement "For a Free Economy"

  • Volodymyr Mukhin former head of the State Agency of Fisheries in Kyiv and Kyiv region, head of the Free Nation in Kyiv region

  • Mohammad Farajallah Editor-in-Chief of "Ukraine in Arabic", Secretary General of the Arab Council in Ukraine

  • Yaroslav Romanchuk President of the Institute for Freedom, member of the global network of think tanks, co-organizer of the future business club "Free", author of 12 books and more than 6000 articles on economics, author of the economic development program "Ukraine-New West"

  • Alfred Praus President of the Ukrainian-Austrian Association, top international manager, member of the Board of Free Nation

  • Gabor George Burt founder and CEO of Slingshot Group, is one of the main experts of the Blue Ocean Strategy, which is considered the most influential leadership concept of the new millennium. A global expert in market transformation and high impact strategy, he spoke at the conference in Kyiv together with Richard Branson

  • Yaroslav Yushchenko economist, public figure, former deputy head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration

  • Richard Wright Canadian who has lived in Hong Kong for the past 25 years. Wright is a communications expert, specializes in crisis management and has a deep understanding of financial markets. He also has experience in government, having worked as a lobbyist in Ottawa. Now, in addition to helping our Free Nation movement, he is the founder of Technology Start up, its digital twin

  • Vyacheslav Dombrovskis Doctor of Economics, former Minister of Economy, former Minister of Education and Science, Member of Parliament of three convocations, former candidate for the post of Prime Minister

Details of the event

The event was organized by the All-Ukrainian social movement Free Nation, the Free Business Club, the Free Economy Public Movement, and the Free Public Movement. The moderator was Bohdan Vorontsov, coordinator of the Free Nation project, and the speaker was Yaroslav Romanchuk, honorary president of the Free movement.

Results of the event

The meeting was attended by prominent international experts Gabor George Burt, Alfred Praus and Richard Wright, who offered their visions of Ukraine’s development. During the discussion, the experts expressed their views on the country’s development prospects and emphasized the importance of certain areas in the development of the economy and society as a whole.

In addition, the meeting identified 17 nominations in which the best and worst nominees were selected. This process was carried out with the participation of experts who took into account various criteria and noted the most significant achievements.

This approach to determining the best in their nomination is important to emphasize the importance of the achievements and work of people who have made a significant contribution to the country’s development. In addition, it is a useful tool for monitoring and evaluating performance in various fields of activity.