Networking conference “Free-2021”

The responsibility for the future of Ukraine lies with every Ukrainian, and it is up to them to determine what the country will look like not only today but also tomorrow. For all those who care about the country's fate, the first and largest conference of libertarianism and freedom supporters in Ukraine was held.


  • Pavlo Klimkin Ukrainian statesman and diplomat, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Minister of Foreign Affairs (2014-2019)

  • Darwish Fahim Abdulwahab Head of the NGO “Alliance of Nations”

  • Yuriy Grigorenko Chairman of the Audit Commission of the Bar

  • Igar Tyshkevich Expert of the International and Domestic Policy Program, Institute for the Future

  • Oleg Saakyan Political scientist, co-founder of the National Platform “Dialogue on Peace and Secure Reintegration”

  • Nazar Borushok Member of the Board of the “Constitutional and Legal Congress”, co-founder of the “Free Nation” Public Movement, actor, philanthropist, and volunteer

  • Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud Leader of the Somali Welfare Party, Somali politician and presidential candidate

  • Ivan Prodanyk Partner at LES Attorneys at Law, attorney at law

  • Danil Goncharov President of the NGO “International Union”

  • Alfred F. Praus President of the Ukrainian-Austrian Partnership, President of the Kyiv Rotary Club International Business

  • Mykhailo Polianchych PhD in Economics

  • Borys Kushniruk Economist

  • Bohdan Tsimeiko Academician

  • Mykhailo Pozhyvanov Doctor of Technical Sciences, politician

  • Stanislav Malyar Lawyer


According to Pavlo Yantsen, Chairman of the “Free Nation” public movement, the first and largest conference of supporters of libertarianism and freedom values, “Free-2021”, was launched for all citizens and active leaders, regardless of flags and political vectors, who care about the fate of Ukraine.

The “Free-2021” networking conference brought together representatives of 30 Ukrainian NGOs, opinion leaders, politicians, and experts. Guests from the EU and the East took part in the discussion: Italy, Austria, Palestine, Libya, Somalia, and other countries. The conference participants expressed their belief that the only tool for rapid institutional development and state-building is not the directive political vertical, but the implementation of initiatives by a consolidated public whose priority is individual freedom and rejection of paternalism.

The key thesis of the event was the synergy of efforts around a common idea – more individual, less state.

The conference and participants focused on Ukraine’s security, legal and economic problems: a constructive discussion on visions, roadmaps, and strategies to liberalize state pressure.

The fiscal burden, liberal reform of inefficient and corrupt tax distribution, deeper integration of the public into the decision-making process and revitalization of public councils, priority mechanisms for reducing state control, and the principles of the legal protection of individual freedoms were among the topics discussed.


Unite the public into a single platform of decisive action!

— Pavlo Yantsen, Chairman of the “Free Nation” public movement

In recent years, the desire of Ukrainians to join NATO has increased by 40%, which proves once again that we cannot consider ourselves free as long as we have relations and ties with Russia.

— Pavlo Klimkin, former Minister of Foreign Affairs

The responsibility for the future of Ukraine lies with every Ukrainian, and it is up to Ukrainians to determine what kind of state it will be tomorrow.

— Pavlo Yantsen, Chairman of the “Free Nation” public movement

Results of the event

The organizers noted that the meetings of the “Free-2021” platform will be held annually, and based on the results of the conference, a project plan for the newly created partner network was created.