Roundtable with the public of Vinnytsia region

The need to create a single platform for NGOs regardless of party or religious affiliation prompted the signing of a memorandum of common actions and values in Vinnytsia. The meeting was organized by the “Free Nation” libertarian movement. The initiators of the event set out to hold similar roundtables in every region of Ukraine.

city of
the event

Topics of the event

  • Prospects for the development of NGOs
  • Rights and guarantees of the government for investors
  • The harmful influence of oligarchs on the economy
  • Problems of communities and reaction of local authorities to them
  • Problems of communication between public organizations and local authorities
  • Mechanisms for solving community problems


Ivan Osiuk, head of the “I Am a Corruption Whistleblower” NGO, said:

The goal is very simple: everything comes through people, so we need to communicate, unite and become more effective. Communication is where the truth is born. When we unite, it is easier to solve important problems.

Alfred F. Praus, an honorary partner from Austria, President of the “Ukrainian-Austrian Association”, spoke to the Vinnytsia audience for the first time:

“Free Ukraine” means freedom in the economy and business, based on the principles of private enterprise with minimal interference and restrictions from the government.

Ilya Fedorenko, leader of the NGO “Constitutional and Legal Congress”, added:

Through the roundtables, we managed to unite hundreds of NGOs, activists and active citizens.


During the free communication, the participants discussed the importance of NGOs in shaping public policy, the region’s problems and ways to solve them, and agreed on a single platform for exchanging experiences and opinions. They also initiated the creation of an organizing committee to develop a draft law on public organizations in Ukraine.