Joint assistance to the Hero City – Chernihiv

The Free Nation Public Union, together with volunteers from the “Zakhysnyk” NGO in Nosivka and the “Stratilat” Volunteer Center in Nizhyn, donated humanitarian aid to the Chernihiv Regional Hospital.

We do not stay away from the problems of Ukrainians, so our main priority is to make life easier for our military and civilians in such difficult times. That is why we decided to help the hero city of Chernihiv, which from the very beginning of the orc invasion restrained the attack on Kyiv by Russia and Belarus. We donated the necessary medicines and medicines to the hospital (including for surgery).

Representatives of the Free Nation public union are constantly helping Ukrainians in this difficult time, because the strength of Ukraine is in unification, and this is our motto. And it is our unity that so frightens the demoralized enemy, and therefore victory very soon. Until then, we will do everything possible to support our Motherland and its people.

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