Open meeting on the topic of “The system of national economic security of Ukraine”

The “Free Nation” and the “Free Economy” movements, together with the “Free” Business Platform and liberal hub “Free”, held an open meeting on the topic of Ukraine's National Economic Security System. The event was moderated by Bogdan Vorontsov, co-founder of the Free Nation movement.

Details of the event

The speaker was Yaroslav Romanchuk, an expert and co-founder of the liberal hub “Free”, who presented the real, unfortunately not very positive, state of the national economic security system of Ukraine. Constant state interference in the economy and business has led to the dangerous “orange” and “red” zones of the Ukrainian economy.

Officials, i.e., “managers of other people’s property”, believe that they know better how business should work, but this only creates additional difficulties in the development of business and the economy.

The event was also attended by a representative of the “Free Nation” public movement in the Republic of Latvia, who served as Minister of Education and Science and Minister of Economy of Latvia, Vyacheslav Dombrovsky. He offered his vision of ways to address economic challenges in Ukraine based on Latvian experience.

Results of the event

The experts demonstrated with facts and examples from other countries that the current model in Ukraine cannot lead to economic prosperity a priori, and proposed a program for real change.