Economic freedom and security of Ukraine

On November 10, 2022, the first club meeting of the “Free” – Ukrainian business club, took place in Kyiv at the Turkish restaurant NOIR CAFE. The topic of the event was “Economic Freedom and Security of Ukraine. How to monetize Ukraine to 3 trillion.”

Themes of the event

  • Economy of Ukraine
  • Return of emigrants
  • Living standards
  • The military-industrial complex of Ukraine

Details of the event

Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk analyzed the economic situation in Ukraine and explained the reasons for the negative performance of the Ukrainian economy. He also showed the tools that will help Ukraine become an economy with a GDP of 5 billion per year. The panelists discussed Ukraine’s military-industrial complex and the need for transparent privatization of military-industrial enterprises and deregulation of the industry.

The speech also emphasized the importance of maintaining public spending at 25% of GDP in order to have enough money for the army, social benefits, and assistance to war victims and people with disabilities. They also discussed raising the living standards of the population and returning emigrants to improve the domestic market. The importance of sound economic policy and independence in planning was emphasized.