Creation of the media platform for NGO`s in Lviv region

Creation of the media platform for NGO`s in Lviv region

The war changed a lot and stopped many processes, but it was the war that showed how self-organized a society Ukrainians are, so neither Moscow nor anyone else will be able to stop it.

Thus, the process of unification of civil society, which was actively carried out by the Free Nation across Ukraine before the war, is being restored by Lviv region.

On March 10, at the initiative of the head of the Lviv regional representative of the public movement “Free Nation”, the coordinator of the NGO “Women’s Union of Ukraine”, the head of the board of the NGO “Union of Women of Lviv Region”, the head of the NGO “People’s Anti-Corruption Control”, a conference was held with the participation of more than 50 public organizations and representatives of Lviv city and regional councils.

Representatives of the authorities came to the conference of public leaders of the region, which was unusual before the war, we hope for a good start of the communication, but most importantly – it was announced that a media platform for public organizations of the Lviv region will be created.

More than 150 public associations of Galicia have already expressed their desire to join the creation of the platform.

We, as an all-Ukrainian movement together with partner organizations, will make this initiative all-Ukrainian, because the demand for it is so huge, and since Ukraine is now the center of the free world, it is also international.

We invite all active citizens to join!

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