Establishment of the Free Nation Association

Establishment of the Free Nation Association

On May 29, our first congress was held in the October Palace, dedicated to the establishment of an association of public organizations in various spheres of public life called the Free Nation. At the event, the participants got acquainted with each other, discussed the vector of further actions, already achieved goals, developed the concept and areas of joint activities.

At the event, the following public organizations joined the association: “Constitutional and Legal Congress”, “I am a Detector of Corruption”, “Eco time”, “Community Action”, “International Youth Alliance”, “Alliance of Nations” and others. The initiators of the meeting invite all other public organizations to join the association to work together for change in the country.

The purpose of the association is to unite efforts and closer cooperation between active citizens in various spheres of public life, who are not indifferent to the future of Ukraine and the development of the state and society.

The most active members of the organization, curators of separate subdivisions, as well as heads of public organizations were invited to this congress, who expressed a desire to unite their efforts for common victories.

The event was also attended by Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin and Finance Minister Oleksandr Danyliuk.

There were also some curiosities. The organizers of the event tried to bring an armored personnel carrier to the October Palace as a symbol of determination and strength of the public movement, but the police prevented the movement of the truck on which the equipment was placed.

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