International Liberty Institute (ILI)

State of play at the beginning of 2023

  1. Ukraine has never had value-based politics. Political parties are personal, situational, and lobbying projects. They are part of the established oligarchy and schematism. Over the 30 years of independence, not a single composition of the Verkhovna Rada has focused on systemic market reforms aimed at expanding economic freedom.
  2. The political field of Ukraine is dominated by Marxist ideas. Therefore, presidents, ministers, MPs, and others may change, but economic policy and the relationship between business and government, government and society remain unchanged.
  3. There has never been a coordinated work, research, and intellectual centre for the development of the Liberal Agenda for a broad definition.
  4. Ukraine has not had a comprehensive program of liberal reforms. Therefore, liberalism is perceived as distorted as an ideology of the rich, arrogant and unprincipled.
  5. Ukraine has not had a systematic dialogue between the united business and government. Business is represented by disconnected groups lobbying for individual interests.
  6. Foreign organizations have a disproportionate influence in Ukraine.
  7. Ukraine will have a unique window of opportunity to implement the Liberal Agenda after the war.

The creation of an institution that would systematically develop the Liberal Agenda is a necessary measure to address the above problems.

The Institute will be a partner for the business community, offering systematic work on liberal reforms in the country.

The think tank will also popularize contemporary representatives of the Ukrainian freedom movement, and build their brands and recognition.

We will ensure the synergy of the three most important elements of the Liberal Agenda: Idea (liberalism, freedom), Organization (brand, supporters of freedom), and Person (liberal).

Based on the real state of ideas, values, and political preferences, it is necessary to focus on the long-term activities of the think tank to obtain sustainable results in the implementation of the Liberal Agenda.

What will the International Institute for Freedom do?

  • Develop systemic solutions for reforms in Ukraine. Areas:
    1. monetary,
    2. fiscal,
    3. financial,
    4. privatization and resources/assets management,
    5. public administration,
    6. infrastructure reforms,
    7. business climate,
    8. education,
    9. healthcare,
    10. pensions,
    11. social inclusion (poverty eradication),
    12. employment,
    13. decentralization and regional development,
    14. reform of legal institutions for the protection of life and property,
    15. human rights and public issues,
    16. justice, legal system.
  • Research work. The Institute will train promising young people to obtain academic degrees.
  • Advocacy, and promotion of the liberal agenda.
  • Education and training to increase demand for the liberal agenda.
  • Information support for the Liberal Agenda.
  • Developing systemic reform proposals within the framework of the Liberal Agenda for Post-Totalitarian Countries.

The Institute will hold a number of flagship events that will distinguish it from all others and shape its brand. These include:
— holding an annual conference “State of Freedom in the World. A View from Ukraine”,
— an annual message to the Ukrainian government, businesses, and society about the state of freedom in Ukraine and the world,
— various ratings and competitions: Together with the business platform, the preparation of the annual National Business Platform of Ukraine.

The goal of the ILI is to promote the Liberal Agenda in Ukraine and post-totalitarian countries. Creation of programs, scientific and expert works to popularize the ideas of liberalism and real changes. Interpreting the ideas of liberalism for the public. Creation and development of a scientific and public, business environment of liberal direction, etc.

Mission – to spread and root liberal ideas and principles in the society of Ukraine and post-totalitarian countries.

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