Public movement “Free Nation” counts 344 subdivisions units across Ukraine

Public movement “Free Nation” counts 344 subdivisions units across Ukraine

One of the founders of the public movement “Free Nation” has built a large network of representative offices, which counts 344 subdivisions units in cities and villages across Ukraine. These socially active people share the idea of civil society and are engaged in implementing socially significant projects in the field of human rights protection, anti-corruption initiatives, provision of free legal consultations, etc.

The first meeting of all subdivisions took place in 2021. The most active members of the organization, curators of separate units, and heads of civil society organizations who expressed a desire to unite efforts for common victories were invited to this congress.

“Free Nation” constantly communicates with its branches, discusses vectors of further actions, achieved goals, development of concepts, and directions of joint activities.

The new generation of Ukrainians understands that only by uniting can qualitative changes be achieved in the country. The mission of “Free Nation” is the unification of non-governmental organizations at the local and national levels and opinion leaders into a single platform, consolidation, and coordination of their actions, as well as citizen education on their opportunities to influence the government, about rights, and their protection.

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