The process of unification of territorial communities continues

The process of unification of territorial communities continues

Beginning in 2014, Ukraine began the process of reform – the formation of effective local government and territorial organization of government to create and maintain a full living environment for citizens, the establishment of direct democracy, coordination of interests of the state and local communities. This process is still going on, according to experts, the newly created united territorial communities will be fully operational from the beginning of 2022. Today, instead of the old 490 districts, there are 136 of them in Ukraine, and 17 of them are in the annexed Crimea and in the territories of Donbass not controlled by Kyiv. According to the plan of decentralization reform, the role of united territorial communities should grow steadily.

According to experts, a number of important laws should be expected to continue the reform:
– On the principles of administrative-territorial organization of Ukraine. Within the framework of the current Constitution it will determine the principles on which the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine should be based, types of settlements, system of administrative-territorial units, powers of state authorities and local self-government bodies on administrative-territorial structure, formation, liquidation, establishment and changes borders of administrative-territorial units and settlements, maintaining the State Register of administrative-territorial units and settlements of Ukraine.

– About service in local governments. Ensure equal access to service in local self-government bodies, increase the prestige of service in local self-government bodies, motivate local employees to develop communities and develop themselves.
– Regarding state supervision over the legality of decisions of local self-government bodies.
– About the local referendum.
– Update of laws on local self-government, on local state administrations.

Community residents should be provided with mechanisms and tools to influence local government and participate in decision-making.

In 2021, amendments to the Constitution on decentralization are expected to be needed to further advance and complete the reform.

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